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The “Harmony” series consists of selected wines, mostly from older vines that have “matured” and therefore channel maximum energy into their fruits, expressing the specific terroir most effectively. Abroad, this type of wine is often labeled as „Alte Reben“ or „Vieilles vignes“.

We aim to achieve the same effect by densely spacing the vines, creating greater competition and desirable “positive stress” among individual plants, at new plantings. As a result, the grapevines direct their roots deeper, escaping the fertile topsoil brought by wind deposition, and the vigorous growth subsides more quickly. Consequently, the vineyards achieve hormonal balanced earlier, yielding fewer grapes but typically with higher extract. Wines from these vineyards are balanced, harmonious, and full-bodied, capable of expressing the unique genius loci of their specific location.

The “Harmony” series wines exhibit an impressive harmony of primary, secondary, and tertiary aromatic and bouquet compounds. This harmony is achieved through targeted winemaking techniques, both in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels of varying volumes, grain sizes, and toasting levels. Subsequently, the wines are carefully blended to achieve perfectly expressed harmony and alignment of all components contributing to the wine structure. In red wines, you may discover transformed notes of forest fruits, core fruits, and stone fruits. The wines also feature original undertones of dried fruit, chocolate, and pralines. For white wines, we may expect subtle scents of citrus fruits- ripening and transformed stone and core fruits, harmoniously balanced with pleasantly assimilated acidity and elegant spiciness.

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