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Revine – non-alcoholic wines

Non-alcoholic lightly sparkling wines are produced from fresh young wines, with the natural presence of CO2 contributing to a better preservation of freshness and stability. Consuming non-alcoholic wines has a beneficial effect on the body and ensures more efficient digestion.

The presence of natural CO2 (in contrast to artificially carbonated wines) contributes to a better preservation of freshness and stability in non-alcoholic wines.

As the base material for non-alcoholic wines, it is essential to use fresh young wines. Based on our experience in producing white wines, we recommend using Müller-Thurgau, Veltlínské zelené (Grüner Veltliner), Riesling, Chardonnay, and new varieties such as Malverina, Savilon, Vesna. For the rosé and red wines production we recommend using Pinot noir, Zweigeltrebe, Frankovka (Blaufränkisch), and new varieties like Ariana and Agni.

Our non-alcoholic wines are crafted using a two-phase vacuum distillation column. During the production of Revine non-alcoholic wines, no other stabilizers or preservatives are used—only sulfur dioxide.

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